excellence through

excellence through implementation

excellence through implementation

Our architected solutions include creating compelling custom applications, data solutions and effective software package implementations to meet your business needs. jambam provides a team of broad architects so that each solution is designed with the greatest of effectiveness, from initial technology selection to operational sustainability long term.

Sample Solution Categories


Data is the enabler of software and analysis, it is an asset of every company. BI solutions in data warehousing, data marts, reporting and ETL are all areas of development covered by jambam.

COTS Software Implementation & Customization

Custom off-the-shelf software is an enabler of speed to implementation. ERP, CRM, Workflow are just a few areas of specialty our team works on for implementation and customization as needed.

Performance Optimization

Applications, databases, and queries are all susceptible to degradation as time passes and many times data or usage grows. The team is a ‘firefighter’ of finding problem areas to address in all software layers, data to application and all in between to ensure optimal performance and effectiveness for your organization.