Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. — Albert Einstein, Physicist

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. — Albert Einstein, Physicist

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. — Albert Einstein, Physicist

Information retrieval for return on investment is a key success element for data. It is often overlooked, too hard to access or not understood. At jambam, we specialize in working with the business to identify value in the data to expose or explore. Once defined, our boutique firm will share the risk with our clients to collaborate on solutions enabling a self-service model of business intelligence, thereby unlocking and transforming the data into knowledge, meaning and mining capabilities. In addition, if you have systems/solutions not performing as expected, let our specialists help by reviewing the system, the designs, and effectiveness of performance and recommend optimizations and/or process changes to recover the value proposition of those mission critical systems. We can also help restore state, but let’s first uncover the issue and discuss the approach needed as each situation differs.

Data Development

Data can be the most valuable asset in an organization. However, oftentimes IT organizations don’t give data development the attention it deserves. Data development is pushed off on inexperienced application developers or operational support staff (DBAs) to develop the data components in their “spare time”. Both of these approaches can have costly repercussions resulting in poorly designed components or neglected operational tasks. Our data experts have extensive experience with all types of data development: conversions, reporting, data integration, cloud storage, custom as well as off-the-shelf system enhancements, and tuning. Let us help you realize the value in properly designed and developed systems.

Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

We can help you with your simple or extensive reporting needs, from operational or financial reporting to enterprise level data marts or data warehousing. We are available to assist with all phases from project initiation and requirements gathering, to architecture and design, to development, testing, and implementation.

Data Quality

Data Quality is key to a corporation realizing the true value from their transactional or reporting systems. jambam can help your company identify those integrity issues that you may not even know exist. We have a proven process that combines SME interviews with data profiling to identify the data quality concerns. Then we categorize and prioritize those issues based on the level of impact to your systems and company. We can even help you develop a plan to address the discovered issues and execute on that plan if you’d like.

Master Data Management

When common data, such as customers or products, exists in multiple silos throughout the enterprise, it can be impossible to accurately report on all of this disjointed data. This often happens when corporations implement new systems through acquisitions or just natural evolution. Master Data Management is the process of identifying, aligning, consolidating these data silos. jambam has led multiple MDM efforts for Fortune 500 companies, utilizing industry leading MDM technologies and processes.

Performance Tuning

jambam has a staff of expert system tuners that can dig into any layer of an enterprise system and identify the performance bottlenecks that are causing grief for your users. The issues often are rooted in a poorly designed or neglected database, but sometimes they exist in the app layer, or the network. We go beyond the sometimes misleading symptoms, and analyze every layer, enabling us to identify the true root cause. We have saved so many companies millions of dollars in hardware upgrade costs through our tuning efforts. Let us help you, too!